Why Natural Stone Garden Furniture Pieces Are Rock Hard Investments For Homeowners

Why Natural Stone Garden Furniture Pieces Are Rock Hard Investments For Homeowners

The style, appeal, and functionality of your outdoor furniture pieces determine how much time you spend outdoors or whether you spend any time at all. It’s usually during summertime when homeowners start noticing the obvious advantages of having high-quality garden furniture. After all, this investment doesn’t pay off when it’s raining cats and dogs. With some types of outdoor furniture, harsh weather conditions bring a set of concerns for the homeowners.

“I must protect my wooden desks from moisture.”

“The wind will blow away the plastic chairs.”

These are the types of concerns homeowners have when their outdoor furniture items can’t withstand the harsh elements of the changing seasons. The truth is, while there are great materials to choose from when you’re browsing the garden furniture category, many of them come with inherent advantages.

But, there is one garden furniture material that has been used for centuries and continues to stay resilient against all types of harsh weather conditions. Of course, I’m talking about Stone Garden Furniture.

Humans have used furniture pieces made of stone for thousands of years. These classy pieces can make balconies, decks, courtyards, and even living rooms look like million-dollar décor projects.

The use of stone furniture indoors has gradually decreased over the ages since these heavy items aren’t perfectly convenient for apartment dwellers or homeowners who are shopping on a budget. However, when it comes to garden furniture, there aren’t many materials that match the class and panache that furniture pieces made of rock-solid stone come with.

Choosing the perfect outdoor furniture that fits into your décor and living style is vital. If you’re new to the furniture market and want furniture pieces that you would like to pass on to the forthcoming generations of your family, you can’t go wrong with stone garden furniture. Here’s why –

Strength, Class, and Long-Term Investment 

While shopping for garden furniture, you have two options :

  • Pick outdoor patio furniture that almost everyone owns. These furniture pieces are usually made of woods (teak, eucalyptus, cedar, etc.) synthetic plastic, synthetic resin wicker, or metals (aluminium, steel and wrought iron).


  • You can opt for ‘rock-solid investments’ and go for stone. Sure, owning some pieces of teak furniture or steel chairs is great. But, if you want to spend your money wisely on style, strength, and class, stone is your best bet.

Unlike other furniture materials, outdoor furniture pieces are long-term investments. You can maintain these pieces for centuries. Investing in outdoor furniture isn’t similar to buying living room chairs or desks for your study room. You have to think about durability as you’re dealing with years of moisture damage, sunlight damage, pollution, and all sorts of external threats. On average, homeowners who purchase outdoor furniture pieces made of standard materials like wood or metals, have them replaced within five to seven years. With stone furniture, that average ownership time is fifty years! Stone furniture pieces are investments that you can count on for your lifetime and your children’s lifetime.

Here are the qualities that make stone garden furniture ‘rock hard’ investments :

  • They don’t wear out or get ugly over time. In fact, for many people, the older the stone furniture, the more beautiful and unique!
  • The cost of stone furniture has increased over time. But, don’t let the upfront costs fool you. They also mean that the longer you preserve your stone furniture, the more they increase in value.
  • While most second-hand furniture pieces end up in dumps or garbage sites, pieces of stone furniture usually find their ways to auction houses, the homes of antique collectors, etc.
  • Even a small item like a mini stone candle holder can appreciate in value over ten times over the span of twenty years.
  • Unlike artificial or sensitive natural materials, natural stone never breaks down. Your wooden doors will decompose over time, and so will your metal chairs. But your stone furniture will never show signs of aging.
  • It’s nearly impossible to chip, scratch, weather damage, or corrode heavy furniture pieces made of natural stone.

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Comfort and Luxury :

Many people have the misconception that furniture pieces made of natural stone furniture aren’t comfortable to sit or lay on. While it’s true that natural stone furniture pieces are tough, with this inherent toughness comes support. When you sit on furniture pieces made of stone, your overall posture improves a lot. People who suffer from posture-related ailments are often advised by physicians to sit on stone floors or stone furniture items.

Our relationship with stone is hundreds of thousands of years old. Whether we like it or not, natural stone is the only material that has played a major role in our evolution. So, of course, stone furniture can help our bodies stay resilient and strong. Plus, you can buy chairs or sofas made of softer materials to make up for the ‘tough love’ that you get from your stone furniture items.

Stylistic Transformation :

Natural stone is heavy and extremely dense. These features make stone garden furniture pieces a little bit tough to rearrange or move around. But, look at the upside. High-density and heavy materials are every designer’s dream. Artists truly come to life when they’re working with natural stones. That’s why furniture pieces made of natural stone almost look like art pieces you see in some famous galleries.

Using Stone Furniture – Some Simple Guidelines :

  • Make sure to plan your stone furniture’s arrival so that you can map out sufficient space in your garden.
  • Although natural stone materials require very little upkeep, certain stones can get infected by common fungi, yeast, mildew, or even lichen. However, weekly cleaning and dusting can keep these issues at bay.
  • A mixture of mild detergents and water is ideal for everyday cleaning.

Furniture pieces made of top-quality natural stone completely transform the way gardens look and feel. Who would’ve thought living like the Medici family from the Renaissance era would be possible in this day and age. Well, with high-quality furniture pieces made of heavy, dense, and finely designed natural stone, you can get the experience of ‘Tuscany dining’ or ‘Amalfi-style feasting’ right in your backyard!