Nan Inc. – The Journey of its Growth

Over the last thirty years or so, the name of Nan Inc. has become a well-recognized one in the state of Hawaii. Even though there are a number of construction companies to be found, this one stands out because it has reached new heights of success in a short span of time. It takes numerous decades for a construction company to achieve all that Nan Inc. has managed to do in just three decades. This is no small accomplishment and the number of accolades and awards it has received are a testament to its quality and excellence. But, how did it manage to achieve this?

To find out the answer this question, you need to take a look at its history. The company’s founder is recognized as Patrick Shin, but he was actually born Nan Chul Shin in South Korea. He moved to the United States and decided to change his name in order to fit in. During his initial years, he worked with his broker on his fishing business in New York and resided in a single bedroom apartment with his family. A football scholarship to Bowling Green State University helped him get quality education that he wanted to put to good use.

He moved to Hawaii after graduating and got a job in a construction company. He spent two years learning the ins and outs and when he stepped away from it, it was to set up his own construction firm. That’s how Nan Inc. was founded in 1990. Due to limited resources, there was just one employee with Patrick Shin, but he didn’t let it bring him down. He handled all projects that came his way, no matter how small, in a professional manner and delivered quality work. That’s helped him in developing a good and strong reputation for Nan Inc.

Today, thirty years later, his company has become a force to be reckoned with in the construction world and they have numerous accomplishments under their belt. They have completed more than 3,000 multibillion dollar projects and have handled multiple tasks simultaneously. You can take a look at the official blog by Nan Inc. owner to find out more information about their projects. Their workforce has now expanded to beyond 500 and they have a team of experts who are dedicated to their job. Nan Inc. has also made great contributions to Hawaii’s bright future and has helped the community as well.