Letters to the Editor: Monday, Oct 12, 2020

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No regularity with courtroom picks

Why are President Trump and the Republican Senate rushing Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination for the Supreme Court just 5 months absent from the presidential election? In 2016 the greater part Republican Senate refused to even consider a nomination from Obama. The motive presented was that it was an election yr and they claimed that the individuals had to make the choice.

Now they are speeding this nomination speedy for affirmation. The cause is basic and basic: They are scared they will not only get rid of the White House but the Senate also.

Jesus Rodriguez


Look at bicyclists

I have shared the street — with my skin and bones — many thanks to several crashes, many of which included cars and 1 that set me in the clinic for 25 times.

Just simply because you “are heading somewhere” doesn’t indicate you’re entitled to any a lot more of the lane than a bicycle owner. And you have no idea the panic designed when a motor vehicle passes at 45 mph and way way too near for ease and comfort. You are driving lawfully, but also dangerously. Fork out notice! Pretend you’re in California exactly where road indicators say allow a few feet of clearance when you go a bicycle owner.

I’ve acquired two pals who have been operate around on Mother’s Working day, and “sorry” does not reduce it for them or for any person you closely excitement on “your way someplace.”

You are not a sorry driver, just unaware. Be sure to move with much more clearance, or wait around to move. You will get “somewhere” 20 seconds later on and people on bicycles will not get run around or knowledge a second of terror.

Robert Ramirez


Dwelling in Land of Oz

Economically speaking, we need to find and abide by the “yellow brick road” to a improved financial and political procedure, it’s possible we can get began by developing some sort of American “yellow vest” protest and demand from customers group. We have to have to have congressman and Congress women who have a heart, bravery and a mind.

What occurred to the Wicked Witch of the West is currently going on to our capitalist technique it is “melting, melting,” and if we never arrive together as a region soon, then a house could drop on prime of the rest of us. We need to have a nation the place anyone (and I signify all people!) can say, “There’s no place like house, there is no position like household.”

If you never realize one thing, then Google it. And make sure you concern everything and never ever stop studying.

Tomas Cantu


Solutions to eating meat

If Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn care about animal welfare, they must guidance federal funding for cultured-meat research. For individuals who really do not know, cultured meat is grown from cells, with no slaughtering nonhumans. It has the potential to help save billions and billions of creatures each year who are killed for food items.

Many persons recognize there is one thing problematic about our connection with animals, significantly those elevated on manufacturing unit farms. Cultured meat will make it a lot easier for these people to align their values and actions.

Legislators should stimulate compassionate options by assisting convey this innovative protein to marketplace.

Jon Hochschartner

Granby, Conn.

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