As the TSLA Company was growing enormously under the efficient work of Deepak Ahuja, there was another gentleman named Jay Vijayan, the chief information officer at Tesla Company. He was leading a team of 100 software professionals who were along with him were trying to keep up with every minute IT updates required in the making of Tesla.

Personal Life

Jay Vijayan was born and brought up in Chennai. He did his graduation from Anna University. He initially worked in a software firm called VMware and then from there he took a shift to Tesla Company as a chief information officer and quoted that the shift was totally worth it.

The Worth Work

As soon as he joined Tesla Company in 2011, Elon Musk gave him the biggest challenge so far. Musk gave Vijayan a task to build all in house IT applications of Tesla within the time frame of 3 months. “It was a mammoth task as Elon didn’t want to use any of the legacy enterprise applications. He wanted us to develop our enterprise software system in three months,” said Jay Vijayan.  He managed to tackle the task allotted to him gracefully in the time frame of 4 months. To this he quoted, “As Elon says, IT is supercritical to Tesla, in terms of deciding its speed to market, creating a feedback system for customers and building our eCommerce platform.”

The graph of Tesla

The going public proved to be a boon for Tesla and year after year the amount of income increased inch by inch. The current cash recovered is over $4 billion. Tesla is engaged in developing its third generation, the least expensive one which is ideal for the Indian market. The core reason behind making the third generation of Tesla is its minimum cost. India has the potential demand but the high-end luxury cars are not affordable for Indian markets and hence the company decided to cut on the price factor. Entering India would require several changes such as in infrastructure and charging stations.

Tesla is an extraordinary car in Silicon Valley because of its unique combination of breakthrough technology and world-wide success. The Model S luxury car is its best-selling model despite its highest price range. Besides providing such interesting and innovative features like battery-powered electric vehicles, Tesla takes 3 years to manufacture while other companies take 4 to 6 years.

Tesla has given enough reasons to rewrite the future of Silicon Valley with its growth in the IT sector and demand world-wide as a public company. You can check more information from